Slow but Steady...

In the fall, I was able to join up with a quilt-a-long by Libs Elliott... the La Fin du Monde quilt. Sadly, I had to neglect it for a few weeks to wrap up a baby quilt for my nephew. But last Thursday, I chained myself to the laundry room so my children wouldn’t have to wear shorts in 29 degree weather. Luckily the laundry room happens to be right next to my sewing nook. This means I made some nice progress on the blocks... AND got to enjoy a chore I typically HATE. 



I tackled this project mostly because I really wanted to tackle sewing curves. I’m terrified of them, but have grand plans of doing an orange peel quilt one day... so... I kind of need to tackle them at some point! While my results have ranged the gamut of not-perfect... I am getting better, and I’m happy with how they came out overall. Having awesome tutorial videos from Libs makes it 100% more enjoyable.  

Also happening in the sewing room...  

  • 18 teacher gifts

  • A 2018 Mystery Quilt-a-Long

  • A “+ sampler quilt” (also a QAL)

  • ... a bunch of other things I can’t remember right now.


This week, the teacher gifts and all things Christmas take precedence. And all the other stuff that goes along with “life.” Everything else will be icing on top.