The Facts



My name is Christine.

Graphic Designer by degree, photographer through passionate pursuit of the hobby. Chaser of ambient light, avid crafter, and coffee drinker to a fault. At my core, I'm a maker, and happiest when I am creating. My style is modern with a twist of retro, straight up. {Please.} 

My days are busy.

From the moment the alarm goes off at 6:00 am (or from the moment a little person's face appears at my bedside), I hit the ground running. Well... after coffee that is. My main job is CEO of the household... followed quickly by the roles of chauffeur, short-order cook, conflict resolution specialist, house cleaner, laundry fairy, and boo boo kisser. In there, I also find time to act as graphic designer and photographer for my freelance clients. And some days, I even fill the role of "art teacher" at the school. So the time left for personal creativity is small. Miniscule. Non-existent. That's what I hope to change. 


This is me

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