In like a lion...

March is here... and apparently, so is winter. While I *should* be working right now, I have two kids home with a snow day, and a whole lot of digging out to be done still. So instead of dealing with any of that... I’m focused on how much I accomplished in the sewing studio last month. I participated in fellow quilter Melanie’s #30minssewingdaily challenge over on Instagram. While I know little steps can gain big progress... I was shocked when I reflected back on what I accomplished with all those little chunks of time. (And no, I did not manage to sew for thirty minutes every day. I think I capped out at 15? 16?) Of course, I didn’t finish nearly what I hoped to this quarter... but I did make a lot of forward progress! And, I found the thirty minutes granted me the freedom to work on some of those more mindless, long-term sewing projects I have hanging around. That is always good for the soul... and my generalized anxiety!  

Here’s just a sampling of what I achieved... for the full play-by-play you can find that over on my Instagram account at @modernlittleme ... :)  



Not too shabby... right?! I’m pleased with that work. Now... to keep the momentum going...  

What I’m Working On...

It’s been a productive week or two in the craft room. It’s not as much about the *amount* of work being done... but more about the *finishing* that has happened. THAT is key! I finally sewed the back together for the quilt along I participated in last year... and for a Halloween quilt that has been in progress for years. Yes, years. The Halloween back is almost like an “alternate front” ... which means more time, more effort... but also more satisfaction. Both those fronts and backs are off to the longarmer now and I will anxiously await their return. But until then, I plan on basking in the glow of two empty UFO (unfinished object) boxes. 


I also started piecing together another top that has been in progress for too-long-to-admit-to. I absolutely adore this one and really just need to push harder to complete this one...  


And, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t starting a new project. In staying true to my goal of signing up for more classes, I signed up for a quilt class at the end of this month. It’s one day, to make one top, using a new-to-me technique. So of course, I had to pull fabric for this class, right? (And promptly fill up one of those empty boxes, natch... ) I’m kind of loving where this is headed... 




The bonus is that the majority of this is from my stash... with just a handful of fat quarters purchased to round out my palette a bit. Sadly, I do need some more background blenders in there, but I’m planning to buy those the day of if necessary.  

... Hoping to keep the momentum going in the weeks to come! It would be awesome to have a few more empty boxes!