Closing the Book on Summer

I won’t lie. This summer has felt harder than any summer in recent memory. But I’m not sure exactly why. 

Is it because we bought a house and moved? Maybe it’s because that new house didn’t have air conditioning during July? The hottest July on record? EVER? Is it because I had two kids home from school needing to get to different places everyday? (I should have slapped a “Lyft” sticker on my car!) Is it because of all of the above?! 

Maybe. Maybe it’s just because summer is harder than I give it credit for with these two kids (and all they bring with them) and then I added a lot of work and personal challenges on top of it. 

Regardless, summer has come... and gone. It’s certainly not one for the record books. Maybe we will reclaim some of that summer magic next year. In the meantime, I am looking forward to a new school year. I’m looking forward to fall. I’m looking forward to settling in to the new house and making it feel like home. Who knows… Maybe the fall will contain some of the magic we missed this summer!

Summer might be over, but the next chapter is beginning.