Mid-February?! Already?!

I’m really not sure how we are already halfway through February of 2019... 

It feels like it was just New Year’s Day yesterday...  


And then again, it doesn’t.  

We’ve had multiple obligations, multiple illnesses, a bit of fun, and a few celebrations.  


As I type this, I’m working my way through a bout of “true flu” (the doc’s words, not mine.) Seems like everyone is getting it this year... “fun” times I tell ya. 


But let’s not focus on that, ok? Instead... let’s touch upon some highlights.  

1. Our menagerie has grown to include a baby hedgehog (and I am SERIOUSLY obsessed). 

2. I’ve been managing to balance work and life and have even fit in a good amount of sewing. While the home front overall is still a disaster... we’ve been working out some kinks. Baby steps. I guess. 

3. I’m president of my quilt guild this year and have survived my first two meetings in that role. I’m super excited about what we have planned and can’t wait until it becomes a little more routine to pull all this stuff together. 

4. At the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to take classes on a regular basis. I’m in the process of completing my first motion graphics class and already have a sewing-related class and two Skillshare classes under my belt. This kind of blows my mind! 

5. And I think that’s pretty much it. I’m drawing a serious blank on what else to share. 


So I’ll leave you with these two photos of baby hedgie: 


Five Things

I’m determined to make this blogging thing a part of my daily life... but, as “they say, developing a new routine (or reinstating a former one!) takes 30 days. So, while I’ve sat down and wrote every day... nothing has been post-worthy. (And one day, it wasn’t even a logical stream of thought.) 

 That said, it’s Fri-yay! And here I am with five random thoughts to kick off the weekend. 

1. I’m thinking about making these posts micro casts. On a whim (while randomly awake in the middle of the night), I watched a series of tutorials on podcasting. There are two takeaways from this. One, I should not watch tutorials in the middle of the night on things I have only joked about doing in the past. Two, I’m clearly seeking alternate ways to document life in my little world. This leads me to ...

2. I’m working on a series of classes to teach locally that combine my love of making and my love of photography. It’s still in the very early stages [read: it’s a bunch of random thoughts and notes on various paper-like items]. It’s early, but exciting. We’ll see if it comes to fruition... but for now, I’m enjoying the pondering. 

3. We have 10 more days of summer break. I’m trying to think of fun things to fill them with... without breaking the bank or going too crazy. I think we are ALL ready for the return of the school-year schedule. There’s a good dose of anxiety mixed in as well... but mostly, excitement. (I think.)  

4. I’ve been helping a friend with some designs for retail products. I’ve used this opportunity as a way to become more iPad-centric with designs and illustrations. It’s been, uh, hard and not always rewarding... but I’ve found my groove a few times and that’s really exciting to me! It’s been a challenge to find iPad apps that work well for my limited drawing expertise. Now if only I could use my fonts... 

5. Last month, the husband got my old, abandoned bike tuned up. While I was away last week, a new basket and helmet arrived. This week, the boys and I biked to the library and the playground. It. Was. Awesome. It would have been way more awesome if it wasn’t in the 90s and as humid as heck! I’m very much looking forward to biking to my favorite fabric stores once the fall arrives!

Weekend plans include working, laundry, and a whole lot of cleaning. And maybe, just maybe, some sewing! Happy weekend friends! 

Five on Friday : The Last Friday of January

Well, so far I’m doing miserably on my goal of writing here more.  

That’s kind of a bummer. 

But... with all the sick days, snow days, and holidays... we’ve had more “days out” than “days in” school.  I recall this happening last year and me swearing to never again start my new year on January 1st. I should have listened to myself. Lunar New Year is a much kinder time to our family.  

Enough with the excuses though. While I have lots of posts pinging around in my mind... I’m going to start with a “Five on Friday” post... a tradition I started on my former blog that I would love to get back into the habit of.  

1. This week—this month—could be summed up in one word. Illness. Illness has taken us all down and I’m the one who seems to struggling the hardest to bounce back. I ended up clearing my schedule yesterday and today so I could just SLEEP. And Sleep I did... barely getting out of bed in time to get the kids both days. (Don’t worry.... I had multiple alarms set and people lined up to call me.) I don’t snooze and I don’t nap so this is a good indicator of how under the weather I was. While I would love to say it felt luxurious... it really didn’t. Hoping that with one or two more good nights of sleep under my belt I can hit the ground running next week.  

2. Before this round of illness struck though, I was crushing the “prepping for sale” list in the house. Last weekend consisted of a trip to the Salvation Army, re-painting the downstairs bath (including the baseboard covers), starting to paint the outdoor fence, and packing up things to go to storage. I also filled too many trash bags to admit to.  

3. Monday brought a team meeting with our oldest’s pediatricians to discuss current medication issues. We’re giving a former med another shot since it truly does seem to be the best option... Hoping that this go, on a larger dose, does the trick for him. Everything is crossed here. 

4. I got absolutely nothing creative done this week. No design work, no quilting, no sewing, no crafting.
I feel rather adrift right now since all those things truly center me. Hoping to feel well enough to go to my quilting class tomorrow and get myself back on track there. At the very least, I hope the kids fall asleep before I do so I can pack up my supplies.  

5. While it seems like quite a lost week here... there is one major accomplishment of note. My husband and I are both in the process of setting up new business entities. He’ll be transitioning into marketing consulting and I hope to transition into the maker-world a bit more. We met with our tax guy on Tuesday and my husband had a meeting on Thursday with the lawyer. (I was busy sleeping.) It looks like we are just a few weeks away from having him set up and I have a much clearer idea now of what I need to be doing to get myself in a good place. That’s progress too... right!? Even if isn’t tangible.  

Wishing you all a healthy last weekend of January!