Five Minutes

Whoa. This has been a DOOZY of a week. Good, bad, and everything in between. I’ve been focused on working some more mindful meditation into my days (my therapist would be so proud...) And I’ve managed to find some brief ways to make myself feel better/get in the zone/chill. Not into meditation (me either!) ... never fear! These are good for lots of situations! Got five minutes in between tasks? Just looking to procrastinate? Here’s a couple of my favorite things to do when I only have a few minutes, but need a mental reset.

  1. Find out your creative type. Visually pleasing to do, and so dead-on (in my humble opinion!) Well done Adobe!
  2. 2. Get some color inspiration at colorhunt. OR coolors.

    3. Find the perfect affirmation for your current mood over at lemonade brain

    4. Check out the “daily dozen” on the National Geographic “Your Shot” website.

    5. Brush up on your vocabulary with a word of the day.


Hopefully you find these breaks as refreshing as I do... without going down any social media “infinity pools” !