In like a lion...

March is here... and apparently, so is winter. While I *should* be working right now, I have two kids home with a snow day, and a whole lot of digging out to be done still. So instead of dealing with any of that... I’m focused on how much I accomplished in the sewing studio last month. I participated in fellow quilter Melanie’s #30minssewingdaily challenge over on Instagram. While I know little steps can gain big progress... I was shocked when I reflected back on what I accomplished with all those little chunks of time. (And no, I did not manage to sew for thirty minutes every day. I think I capped out at 15? 16?) Of course, I didn’t finish nearly what I hoped to this quarter... but I did make a lot of forward progress! And, I found the thirty minutes granted me the freedom to work on some of those more mindless, long-term sewing projects I have hanging around. That is always good for the soul... and my generalized anxiety!  

Here’s just a sampling of what I achieved... for the full play-by-play you can find that over on my Instagram account at @modernlittleme ... :)  



Not too shabby... right?! I’m pleased with that work. Now... to keep the momentum going...