Or maybe a rental instead?

It’s only been a week since I last wrote... but what a week it was.

We’ve made headway on our mortgage application. We’ve watched houses come on the market... and go off. Sometimes in mere hours. We’ve done the open house dash, done the private showing thing, and haven’t found the perfect fit. We also went to see a rental that I stumbled across in my search for an... office space. The rental is a home that would accommodate us with more room than our current house, is close to the beach, and has been well-cared for. But, it’s massive. And my heart still wants to buy.

But I’m beginning to realize my heart may not want to buy AND fix-up. At least not on this time frame, with this budget.


Which leaves me pondering ... maybe a large rental for a year or two ISN’T such a bad idea. Why not just stay where we are? Well, it’s expensive for the size. And that size is SMALL. When you have a home office or two, and hope to grow your business... you need to move from the too-small house/home office situation.   Which is why I was looking at office space. But then you see these gorgeous large homes and you think “Well, if we could write off a portion of this for an office... maybe...” And then you think... but all that money could be better put to use in a mortgage. Right?! 


I don’t know. What I do know is that I am spending a lot of time on real estate sites (and loving it) and obsessively reviewing each new property — for sale or for rent — that comes on the market.