Finding my “blog voice” ...

There used to be a time when I blogged frequently. Multiple times a week. Once or twice, it was even multiple times a day! But now I find myself blogging infrequently. Too infrequently. And it’s not because I don’t *want* to... I often compose posts in my head. Or in drafts. But there’s a hiccup between drafting the post and publishing the post. I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly that is... and I think it’s because I don’t have a consistent voice. My writing is choppy and at times lacking cohesiveness. And the grammar is ... well, let’s not even go down that path right now!  

But I figure that there’s not many of us visiting this spot of the internet. In fact, it’s probably just me. Or mostly me, at least. 

So I’m going back to my roots of blogging. Back to the time where I treated it more as a personal journal than a public conversation piece. Back to when I discussed a variety of subjects versus trying to hone in on just one. After all, this is a blog about ME ... right?! Doesn’t that alone give me freedom to write about whatever flits across my mind? Gosh, I hope so because I think that’s what I’m going to try to do. At least for the next month or so... And I can take it from there. 


Welcome to the inside of my mind. (If that doesn’t alienate the three readers I might have, nothing will!) I’m excited to see where this leads.