Five Things

I’m determined to make this blogging thing a part of my daily life... but, as “they say, developing a new routine (or reinstating a former one!) takes 30 days. So, while I’ve sat down and wrote every day... nothing has been post-worthy. (And one day, it wasn’t even a logical stream of thought.) 

 That said, it’s Fri-yay! And here I am with five random thoughts to kick off the weekend. 

1. I’m thinking about making these posts micro casts. On a whim (while randomly awake in the middle of the night), I watched a series of tutorials on podcasting. There are two takeaways from this. One, I should not watch tutorials in the middle of the night on things I have only joked about doing in the past. Two, I’m clearly seeking alternate ways to document life in my little world. This leads me to ...

2. I’m working on a series of classes to teach locally that combine my love of making and my love of photography. It’s still in the very early stages [read: it’s a bunch of random thoughts and notes on various paper-like items]. It’s early, but exciting. We’ll see if it comes to fruition... but for now, I’m enjoying the pondering. 

3. We have 10 more days of summer break. I’m trying to think of fun things to fill them with... without breaking the bank or going too crazy. I think we are ALL ready for the return of the school-year schedule. There’s a good dose of anxiety mixed in as well... but mostly, excitement. (I think.)  

4. I’ve been helping a friend with some designs for retail products. I’ve used this opportunity as a way to become more iPad-centric with designs and illustrations. It’s been, uh, hard and not always rewarding... but I’ve found my groove a few times and that’s really exciting to me! It’s been a challenge to find iPad apps that work well for my limited drawing expertise. Now if only I could use my fonts... 

5. Last month, the husband got my old, abandoned bike tuned up. While I was away last week, a new basket and helmet arrived. This week, the boys and I biked to the library and the playground. It. Was. Awesome. It would have been way more awesome if it wasn’t in the 90s and as humid as heck! I’m very much looking forward to biking to my favorite fabric stores once the fall arrives!

Weekend plans include working, laundry, and a whole lot of cleaning. And maybe, just maybe, some sewing! Happy weekend friends!