A 2018 Goals “check-in”

Well, here we are. Half the year gone... although I am not quite sure how *that* happened! And what better time to check in on all those goals and resolutions I made back in January? Normally, I’m more of a “Look Back in December and Freak Out” type of gal, but I’m really trying to change that. Plus, while half a year is gone... another six months still remain! 

So, without any more rambling... Goals, with current status. 

1. Move. DONE!!!!! While we are not in our forever home... we are in our forever town quite possibly. And we are very, very happy here! 

2. Find my passion. I’m getting there. I’ve clarified some passions of mine, but now I’m trying to figure out how to make them actually earn income. But, like a lot of things, this will be a long-term project and I’m just happy I made some inroads here. 

3. 100 push-ups. I can do a solid 8. A questionable 11. Overall, working out needs to come front and center when the boys (BOTH) go to school next year! 

4. Read 50 books. I believe I am at 24 for the year right now. Considering I didn’t really read *AT ALL* while we were moving, I’m thrilled to be just one book off the mark halfway through the year. And it’s summer! I somehow always read more then.

5. More sewing time, less tech time. While I am definitely NOT knocking this one out of the park... I am doing much better with it. And so much more conscious of the time I stare at a screen. I’ve also been knocking through some very, very old works in progress so I am feeling good! 

6.  Simplify, simplify, simplify. Across all areas of my life. YES. Based on just the amount of stuff we gave away and threw away prior to moving, I’ve simplified. I’ve also gotten real about how much I can do in a day. And while I don’t always practice what I preach... I’m trying.

7. Improve my time management. I’m no where close. While I LOVE my new 2018 planner, and it’s made a huge difference... I don’t have the balance I strive for. Some weeks, I’m on top of social media. Other weeks, I’m on top of work. Every so often, I’m on top of my crafting game. And my email box is a slight disaster. I really don’t understand how people juggle all these things! What am I missing?! 

8. Drink more H2O. FAIL. This is my focus this month. 

9. Take a class. Or twelve. I’ve taken... one. But hey, I also moved towns, moved states. I’m giving myself a pass on this. For now. 

10. Loose the baggage. Let’s just say that I think each week I’m a bit farther away from all those bags than I was the week before. BUT... this one is definitely going to be on the 2019 goals list as well. It’s not easy undoing 20+ years of negative, shameful thoughts. 

11. More Family Time. I feel like it’s been less family time in the past few months due to killer school commutes. But summer is FINALLY HERE and I’m looking to change this! We’ve declared our table “device free” and that alone has made our family feel closer. 

12. Intentional friendships. This is hard for me. Especially now that we’ve moved towns, moved states. But I am trying... except for on my most introverted of days. 

13. Leave each day better than I found it. Every day, I try. I don’t always succeed... but I try. 

14. Take more risks. Moving to a new town, in a new state and finding all new ... well, everything... counts as a risk, right?! Selling our house and moving was a rather big gamble... and one that hopefully works out... but it’s not a risk “old me” would have taken. So I’m considering this fulfilled. :) 

15. Floss more. I am, I am!!! 


Phew. That was a longer post than I thought it would be! And while I do have more to say... I’m going to point to item number five on the list and spend some quality time in front of the sewing machine. (After I pour myself a glass of water, of course!) I will leave you with this parting thought. I am so very proud of what I HAVE accomplished this year, and it’s only halfway over! 


Have you checked in on your goals and/or resolutions!?