A moment to breathe...

The last thing I should be doing is writing. Which, of course, means its also the thing I need to do most.  But, time is precious so this will be a stream of conscience... and not a well-edited post. Okay? Okay. 


1. The last time I wrote, at length, our house was under agreement with the first set of buyers who saw it. For asking. Which was awesome. Until it wasn’t. Three buyers later, we are now working with our fourth set of buyers. Dear me, I really hope this one sticks. I’m not sure what’s going on... but we seem to have attracted all the really naive, or just not that smart, buyers. Nope, a mortgage doesn’t include utilities. Nope, you really can’t fit half a dozen kids in our house. Nope, you can’t walk away up until closing with all your money back. Oy. I’m sure this home sale fiasco will make a great story once all is said and done. Some day.  

2. On the other side, we moved into our rental in our new town, new state on Monday. I’m so excited to get unpacked and settled in. Even more than that, I’m looking forward to setting down roots in a new place. While I really like stability, and despise change... this is good change, good instability. We never planned to be at our last place for 13 years. So all this change, all this uncertainty... it’s welcome. But I reserve the right to complain until the last box is moved! 

3. Change of subject. The first ever, pattern-following quilt that I made was on display a couple of weekends ago. I was honored to be asked to submit it by my guild and I’m not going to lie... it felt like quite an accomplishment to see it hanging there. The timing of all of this could have been better... but I’m embracing any opportunity with open arms. I’m also trying to get back into the routine of sewing after I get the boys in bed every night. My sanity needs it now, more than ever. 

 4. YouTubeTV.  If you have ever had a conversation with me about YouTube... there would be no misunderstanding about my feelings on the site. (Spoiler: They aren’t very nice thoughts.) So, when my husband suggested trying YouTube TV at the new place, I believe daggers shot from my eyes. But guess what?! I’m. In. Love. I love being able to watch live TV. (Especially local weather reports.) I love how easy it is to navigate the interface. And I love that I can eliminate my hulu subscription... which is how I’ve been watching shows until now. 

5. Summer has finally shown up. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m THRILLED to say goodbye to winter. But... I was kind of hoping for a bit of Spring before we hit 90 degrees. Oh well, such is life, right!?  

Now it’s back to unpacking, and getting settled...  

Happy Friday y’all!