A Few Things

1. On the first Friday of March, we were hit with a Nor’Easter. I somehow never heard how severe it was going to be and I went into the day thinking it would be a bit rainy and windy. Well, it was a bit more than just some rain and wind. It was torrential downpours and gusts that rivaled hurricane levels. There was widespread power outages and property damage. Luckily, we escaped both of these scenarios. Not so luckily, I had the unfortunate timing of going to get the trash bins right as the wind picked up a plastic chair, and flung it across the yard.... right into my eye. It resulted in quite the black eye, but considering how bad it could have been... I’m trying to grin and bear it. (The wind also managed to knock over our gas grill, which is no small feat!)

2. Our REAL ESTATE PHOTOS are DONE! After the Nor’Easter above cancelled our plans, we were able to reschedule for Sunday. The sun actually peeked out moments before the photographer arrived and stayed out for the majority of the shoot. I’m hoping this is a good omen. The listing will be posted Friday, and our first open house will be on Sunday. All the things are crossed that it goes well...

3. Last Monday, we woke to a broken coffee maker. I cannot even express how devastated I was. Clearly, I have an issue with coffee dependency. The silver lining of all of this is that we LOVE our new coffee maker. But man, it was a rough two days without the ability to produce our own caffeine. 

4. Some of you know I suffer from trauma-based anxiety. Sadly, one of my triggers reared it’s ugly, ugly head on Wednesday and threw my day off track. While I’m getting better at walking myself back from these episodes, Wednesday proved that I’m not there yet. But it did prove that I’m making progress since it didn’t throw my whole week off like it’s done in past years. One day, I’ll be strong enough to share more about this publicly... but for now I just want make like a hedgehog and curl into a ball and hide from it. 

5. Speaking of anxiety, I reached the point where I was so completely overwhelmed and anxious, that I’m physically up to my eyeballs in symptoms. Sadly, I’ve now discovered what anxiety-induced eczema is like... and the impacted area?! My eyes. Oh, the discomfort.  

6. Three weeks ago, we decided to homeschool our youngest. Have I shared that here yet?! While we are still in the thick of “figuring it out”... we see a huge improvement in his behavior. So I think that this was the right choice, but I am still getting used to what MY days are like juggling my work and his education. Adding three nor’easters in under two weeks just adds another level of “excitement.”

7. I’ve gotten some big progress made on a few crafty things... but that deserves it’s own post. Soon.