The whirlwind that was this week.

Last Friday, our house listing went live. By Saturday night we had an offer for asking price plus closing costs. To say we weren’t expecting that was an understatement. We still chose to have our Open House Sunday, as an insurance policy if nothing else. Almost as shocking as the quick offer was the fact that 17 groups came through the open house. There’s been a lot of inventory just *sitting* in our town, so this was a thrilling turn of events.

Less thrilling is the fact that the one contingency we hadn’t planned for was a quick sale and a quick closing. For a variety of reasons, we aren’t jumping into buying another house right now. After 15 years of home ownership, I struggle a bit with not only the idea of a rental... but also with inventory leaning towards couples and young families. After more research and touring hours than I can count, we have one solid option and one backup option that we can make work... we think. I hope. 

It’s hard. I keep telling myself this is a good problem to have. But... Our home sale seems to be going full speed ahead and we can’t seem to get off the starting blocks for the rental. And it’s not for lack of trying. This is unsettling to me. It’s nerve-wracking. I don’t function well without a plan in place. Here’s hoping the weekend brings us good news. Preferably in the form of approval to the one rental we really feel can work for our family. 

In the meantime... I will try to take deep breaths, start packing, and think positive thoughts. 

38 days to go.