Looking Forward

I’m not sure how it’s already the first day of the last month of the year...

I’m both feeling oddly accomplished for the year, and woefully under accomplished. Rather than making this a recap post for the year (that one is coming)... I’m going to focus on what I want to do moving forward.

I miss this corner of the interwebs. I miss the process of writing. I miss sharing my thoughts with the blogosphere... and reading their thoughts in return. I unintentionally walked away from all social media platforms this fall. I only missed Instagram. So, I’ve intentionally decided to stay away. While I need to stay on FB to moderate some real-life groups I’m involved in... I’m only participating in that capacity. I’ve returned to Instagram, and will only invest my time here and there moving forward. Because one of my biggest lessons of the year? I will never, ever have enough time for all I want to accomplish in this life. And if I have to choose, I choose this. Even If it means talking to no one. (Can we promise to make 2019 the year we bring the blog back?!) 

Time. Clearly not enough. And this past year I’ve spent way too much time beating myself up for not using it how I wanted. My personal challenges became burdens. So in 2019, I’m simplifying them. Less goals, more focus on being present. Being creative. However that may be. I’m not walking away from my goals completely, but re-embracing what this site was originally meant to be. I’m not sure if I’m setting myself a “frame a day” goal. Or if I’ll buy a roll a film and just set a goal to shoot one roll of film next year. I’m not sure if I’ll have a finish X amount of quilts this year or a simple goal of thirty minutes of creativity a day or a week. 

I’m going to take time to capture images, edit images, share images. I’m going to engage more with those that take their precious time to comment here and on Instagram. I’m going to take the time and upload them to Flickr. I’m going back to the basics, my roots. 

Looking Forward, but Going Back. In an odd way, this feels like progress to me. Looking Forward, Making Time. Finding myself a bit more that is the chaos of these days. These days where multi-tasking and kid-chauffeuring seem to be the norm.  

2019. I’m Looking Forward to you.