Five Things: The First Friday

Over on my last blog, I tried to diligently write a brief Friday post that highlighted five things for the week. While I definitely fizzled out towards the end, I think it was more due to a general fizzle on the blog front, but that the post format of five things worked well. Soooo... I thought I would give it a shot here as well. Let’s see how it goes. 

1. It’s the first Friday of the year! I love the “clean slate” feel that January always brings. And while I have yet to solidify my goals and resolutions for the year... I’m doing a lot of work behind the scenes to get them into place.  (And in comparison to recent years, I’m actually ahead of schedule. As sad as that is.) I’m hoping that by spending a lot of time reflecting on last year and truly thinking about what would help me most this year... I succeed. More so than I have in the past at least. 

2. Along with the first Friday, we also had our first blizzard of the year. Actually, I don’t know if it was actually a blizzard considering all the talk was centered around the fact that a “bomb cyclone” was coming our way. Well, it did... and with it came over a foot of snow, strong winds, and COLD temps. School was cancelled for two days, leaving us with a four day weekend after a two and a half week winter break. I’m ready for a full work week, that’s for sure. (Too bad I won’t get it until February, I think?) 

3. My commit30 for the month of January is to work on purging the house of clutter and simplifying wherever I can. We hope to have the house listed by February (that is probably pushing it)... Which is the reason I chose this goal. I spend a minimum of ten minutes a day ruthlessly addressing *something*  in the house... laundry closet, cleaning supplies, bookshelf, etc. I’m pleased with the pile I’ve amassed for goodwill while slightly horrified by the amount of trash bags. 

4. While going through the purging process, I’m also trying to spend some time organizing. In some cases, it’s easy... such as the bookshelf. In other cases, it’s ridiculously overwhelming... such as the red cabinet we use as a “pantry.” Oddly enough, I am most looking forward to purging and organizing my sewing room. Considering I hoard fabric and save all but the smallest scraps... this is saying a LOT. I’ve bookmarked this post and this post for stash organization hints, and I have big goals set up to rid myself of some of the “fabric clutter”... Now I just need to find the courage to put this all into place. 

5. Perhaps the biggest item of note for the week is that I registered myself as a DBA (Doing Business As) in town. Once we (hopefully) move, I will go through the process of filing for an LLC. Since we will be crossing state lines, it makes no sense to do it now... but it’s on my list of goals for the year so that I can get some of the required documents in place prior. But I’m REALLY happy about the DBA step at least. This means we can open a new checking account where our personal checking and my business checking share a balance. Which means no more back fees for me! 

Happy Weekend Everyone... Stay Warm!