January by the numbers...

I’ve seen many bloggers do monthly “reflection” posts where they track projects completed and started/yards of fabric accumulated and used/etc. I thought this might be a great practice for myself. Not only in the crafty world... but also in the general tracking of resolutions. I’m not going to lie... it’s nice to see some of those numbers... it’s a good reminder that even though it often doesn’t feel it... progress is being made. 

*.   *.    *.    *.    *.    *.   

Trips to the Salvation Army with a jam-packed Flex: 1

Extra trash bags filled (the big black ones): 12 🤭 

Days of school missed: 7 (not including holidays) 

Workouts accomplished: 0

Yards of fabric brought in: 10 (eek... that’s a lot.)

Yards of fabric sent out (used, destashed, etc): 35.5 (YES!!!)

Books Read: 4
 (Practical Magic  • The Austen Escape • The Forgotten Seamstress • Small Great Things)

Seconds of video mashed: 37