Five on Friday : The Last Friday of January

Well, so far I’m doing miserably on my goal of writing here more.  

That’s kind of a bummer. 

But... with all the sick days, snow days, and holidays... we’ve had more “days out” than “days in” school.  I recall this happening last year and me swearing to never again start my new year on January 1st. I should have listened to myself. Lunar New Year is a much kinder time to our family.  

Enough with the excuses though. While I have lots of posts pinging around in my mind... I’m going to start with a “Five on Friday” post... a tradition I started on my former blog that I would love to get back into the habit of.  

1. This week—this month—could be summed up in one word. Illness. Illness has taken us all down and I’m the one who seems to struggling the hardest to bounce back. I ended up clearing my schedule yesterday and today so I could just SLEEP. And Sleep I did... barely getting out of bed in time to get the kids both days. (Don’t worry.... I had multiple alarms set and people lined up to call me.) I don’t snooze and I don’t nap so this is a good indicator of how under the weather I was. While I would love to say it felt luxurious... it really didn’t. Hoping that with one or two more good nights of sleep under my belt I can hit the ground running next week.  

2. Before this round of illness struck though, I was crushing the “prepping for sale” list in the house. Last weekend consisted of a trip to the Salvation Army, re-painting the downstairs bath (including the baseboard covers), starting to paint the outdoor fence, and packing up things to go to storage. I also filled too many trash bags to admit to.  

3. Monday brought a team meeting with our oldest’s pediatricians to discuss current medication issues. We’re giving a former med another shot since it truly does seem to be the best option... Hoping that this go, on a larger dose, does the trick for him. Everything is crossed here. 

4. I got absolutely nothing creative done this week. No design work, no quilting, no sewing, no crafting.
I feel rather adrift right now since all those things truly center me. Hoping to feel well enough to go to my quilting class tomorrow and get myself back on track there. At the very least, I hope the kids fall asleep before I do so I can pack up my supplies.  

5. While it seems like quite a lost week here... there is one major accomplishment of note. My husband and I are both in the process of setting up new business entities. He’ll be transitioning into marketing consulting and I hope to transition into the maker-world a bit more. We met with our tax guy on Tuesday and my husband had a meeting on Thursday with the lawyer. (I was busy sleeping.) It looks like we are just a few weeks away from having him set up and I have a much clearer idea now of what I need to be doing to get myself in a good place. That’s progress too... right!? Even if isn’t tangible.  

Wishing you all a healthy last weekend of January!