2018 • Goals and Resolutions

Well, if the date on this post is any indication... I’m having quite a hard time with this year’s goals. I feel as though I have lots and lots of amorphic thoughts, but no words to describe them. I have a lot of “gut feelings” about how I want the year to be... but no plan as how to get there. I’ve written down lists and ideas, done worksheets to get my thoughts in line, and yet... I sit and look at a blank sheet of bullet points.  

Instead of hemming and hawing any longer, I’ve just decided to put it all out there and see what shakes out in the end... from mundane to life-altering. That sounds like an awful plan, but I have systems in place to keep myself on track. Most importantly is a planner that keeps me focused on the big picture and not the minutia of life and “to do lists.” I also have a more rigid schedule (both work and boys) than I have in years past. {Since I work best under a deadline, I actually think this more formal structure will help me greatly.} Lastly, I have a team in place that helps my boys with their needs, and me with my issues. A full team. Not a cobbled together gaggle. This is exciting.

With that said, let’s jump in... shall we?! 

In no particular order...

1. Move. We have realized, that for a variety of reasons, we need to sell our house. We are hoping to relocate within the area... but that’s unknown at the moment. (Also due to a variety of factors.) So what I’ve been diligently working on the past month or so is getting our current house ready to list. This has been no small feat... but also a bigger issue than it should be. I’m looking forward to getting the house listed, and hopefully sold.  

2. Find my passion. Decide what I want to be when I grow up. My current work “situation” is not sustainable. At all. In my heart, I know I need to walk away and do something new. (Hence this new space)... but my head thinks I need to find a way to manage the current work scenario better while organically growing whatever it is that I want to be when I grow up. I have a lot of plans on how to figure this out and move it forward, but time is limited at best. 

3. 100 push-ups. I cannot even do ten at this point. In fact, I may not even be able to do five. A recent physical made me realize exactly how out of shape I am. That needs to change. While I won’t be joining a gym, I may try out one of those online workout options... but really, I think I may just try to spend ten minutes every day trying to improve my push-up count. 

4. Read 50 books. I came soooo close last year. This year, it’s going to happen. I think.  

5. More sewing time, less tech time. I think we are all guilty of this... but I seem to be spending more and more time mindlessly wandering around a device... and less time actually *doing* something. Last year I realized that twenty minutes of time spent creating, every single day, improved my mood substantially. (While also lowering my anxiety significantly.) I can’t complain that I don’t have the time... because I definitely spend at least three times that looking at IG, Pinterest, and other sites.  

6.  Simplify, simplify, simplify. Across all areas of my life. 

7. Improve my time management. I’m way too busy and not producing a thing to show for it. I want to stay on top of emails and social media... I want to use my “lost time” (such as driving the kiddos to and from school) in a productive way. I want to be more on top of what’s due when and who needs to be where. Way too much scrambling and “I’m sorry”s in my life right now.

8. Drink more H2O. Actually, it would be an improvement to drink ANY H20 on a daily basis! My medication actually allows for my body to need very, very little water... but no one can dispute the benefits that drinking water brings... 

9. Take a class. Or twelve. There’s so much more to learn in this life... and not enough time. But, I’m going to need to make time. I want to take at least three sewing/quilting related classes... a basic business class... a class on fabric printing... and a cooking class. And whatever else floats my boat. While I have absolutely ZERO desire to pursue another degree... my internal scholar is not yet satiated. And those online classes just aren’t doing it for me right now. 

10. Loose the baggage. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. And maybe you are one of the lucky few who don’t need to worry about this... but I want to lose all the “could be”s and “should have”s and “I’m sorry”s that seem to rule my world right now. Too much self shame, apologizing, and criticism. It’s ruled too many years of my life and I’m done. 

11. More Family Time. While I currently spend way too much time with my kids, none of it is quality time. It’s shuffling them from one place to another or getting them moving in the morning or settled at night. I’d like to spend time actually DOING things with them instead. Realistically, this won’t be solved until we move... but I want to at least be contentious of it. 

12. Intentional friendships. I have some amazing friendships. Both near and far. But since I am no longer on facebook, and a lot of my friends no longer read blogs... I need to find a way to connect more regularly with them. The day-to-day sucks up so much of my energy that I’m really bad at this. But, these friendships also fill my soul, and that’s just as important as a good cup of coffee! 

13. Leave each day better than I found it.  ‘Nuff said. 

14. Take more risks.  I’m very, very cautious. Too cautious. I don’t do things (even things I really, really want to do) because of the “what ifs” and the “i don’t think I cans” and not for real reasons. I need to be braver, be stronger, and say yes more. 

15. Floss more.  We really don’t need a descriptor here, do we?! 

And there you have it. I could actually keep going... but I won’t. As it is, I set the bar too high here. There’s LOTS of items on here, and I expect to accomplish only a fraction. But it’s kind of like “shoot for the moon, and up with the stars” ... RIGHT?! 


Happy 2018 all!