2017 in 365 Seconds

In years past, I’ve completed Project 365s. One photo (at least) a day, for 365 days. After several enjoyable years with this project... I found myself struggling towards the end of 2016. I was having difficulty capturing an image every day, and I was most certainly not enjoying the project. It was feeling like a chore rather than a chance to be creative. By November 2016, I knew I wouldn’t be doing another photography p365... I just couldn’t face another year of what was feeling like “dictated creative exercising.” Just then, a friend introduced me to the one second everyday app. Just as the name implies... it’s about capturing one second of your day, daily. I was both intrigued (a new format to play with!) and hesitant (haven’t I *just* said I didn’t like the p365 I was currently doing?!) But, since there was no dictated time parameters, I decided to do it for a month and see what I thought. In short, I loved it. It was fun to keep my eyes open for that one second, that one moment, every day. Twelve months later ... I have a 6 minute video outlining our year! 

Some days, I definitely struggled and more than a few times I was just about to drift off to sleep when I realized that I hadn’t captured my moment in time. But overall, I love how the app helped capture the year for me. I do plan to do this again in some form in 2018... but not sure I’m up for another full year. Maybe a few seconds a week? Maybe project based? Maybe theme based? I guess we shall see! 

In the meantime...  

2017 in six minutes: