Books Read in 2017

I'm taking this week to reflect upon 2017, celebrate what went right, and work on what I can do to improve what went wrong. One thing that went very right, while not actually meeting my intended goal, was reading. My goal was to form a book club of some sort. Either online or in person. I didn't. My goal was also to complete the "Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Challenge." I didn't. Not even close. But what I did do was read. A lot. And I am choosing to embrace that fact and celebrate it. Yes, there is a part of me who wishes I hit the nice round number of 50... the other part of me is jumping up and down at having read 42 books. FORTY TWO! (In fairness to myself... I didn't even realize how close I was to 40 until the end of November. A timeframe where my reading time is slashed to next to nothing!) 

As I look forward to what I want to accomplish in 2018, I find myself yearning to include a reading goal on the list. I've decided to put no parameters on it, other than just to read. Yes, it would be wonderful to make a dent in my To-Be-Read pile. Yes, it would amazing to read 1 non-fiction book for every fiction. Yes, it would be incredible to hit a big number, try new genres, or read a more diverse author demographic. But I'm not going to do that. In no way do I want to make reading less fun, less enjoyable. Instead... I will just keep a list of 2018 reads and in about a year, celebrate that accomplishment. Just as I am celebrating this one. 

Since I am one for documentation and record keeping (because my brain can be negligent of remembering details such as these)... I've listed my 2017 reads below... and I look forward to seeing my list of 2018 reads come together! 

I'm always open for suggestions, so please share a recent favorite of yours!